Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day 7: Gettysburg

I cannot believe the amazing history of this battlefield: over 14,000 individual memorials and countless individual stories.

This photo is of the field where "Pickett's Charge" took place on July 3, 1863.

Day 6: DC

Fantastic hiking around town (this was easier when I was 20 years old). Smithsonians closed due to power outages and the weekend flooding, but saw the African Art Museum, WW2 memorial and the Wall.

Stumbled upon a great hidden lunch spot is the fountain outside the Federal Reserve.

Next stop was the National Panda breeding facility; if
you look hard enough, they actually have some other
animals, but weak signage.

Great food and drink at Tonic and more Adams-Morgan fun.

My feet will be sore tomorrow.

Day 5: drivin' and drivin' and drivin' to DC

This picture says everything about my drive to DC: wet and slow.

Arrived at the Kennedy Compound after a 12 hour drive and enjoyed some fantastic Adams-Morgan culinary treats (Jumbo Slice.....I am a believer).

Day 4: Boone, NC

I arrived around midday and after lunch went hiking on Rich Mountain with Karl, Henry and Cleo. This is along the Blue Ridge Parkway and the scenery is fantastic. Karl keeps a brisk pace, and at times I felt a bit like Stephen Katz, huffing and stumbling along, but we took just enough breaks to keep me comfortable.

We took a nice tour of the area and went home to play with trucks, tractors and trains

Day 2-3: Wetlanta

It was a rainy weekend in the ATL; no whitewater trip, no golfing, but I spent some time just kickin' it with Anne and Terry. We watched World Cup action (Terry has some ideas that could revolutionize the game), hit the mall (it is Atlanta), and ate great food (we'll hit $1 sushi next time.

I only have 98 more "flavors" of beer to try at Taco Mac....whoo hoo.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Big Huge Trip: Day 1

So the start of the big trip got moved back 12 hours and G'ville was added to the itinerary (Fantastic!).

Started by watching Hurricane hoopsters win a summer camp game at Florida Gym. I'd love to get used to seeing victories....

Jia took me to lunch at the best new sandwich shop in Hogtown - Flaco's. You've done a lot of work Timmy; the food and the atmosphere are great.

Happy hour with Tucka and crew and then on the road at 7:30 - only 4 hours later than planned.

Hotlanta here I come.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Numbers Games

I didn't put much stock into the media hype surrounding yesterday's date: 06-06-06. I don't believe that any supernatural funny business could possibly coordinate with calendars that change every few centuries based on the whims of humans. That said, the number of messages in the "Bulk" folder mid-day on June 6, 2006 was kinda wierd. Posted by Picasa