Monday, March 05, 2007

old timey folk blues

On Saturday night, Lisa suggested that an interesting show was playing at the Fogartyville Cafe in Bradenton, she just couldn't remember any details or why she thought it had sounded so interesting.  With that promise, we made our first visit to Bradenton's community coffee house and music venue.  We were surprised to be greeted by "do you have reservations?" (we did not) and we were told the show was SRO (we still didn't know who was playing). One of the volunteers said that they could squeeze us and called over a performer to sell us on the show. A mix of awkwardness and curiousity made us commit to see Paul Jeremiah and Roy Bookbinder, in Roy's words, "just about the best you'll ever see". Between the two of them, there are over 80 years of performing and lots of stories and the whole thing benefitted Sarasota's upstart community radio station.  While not totally my cup of tea, I had a good time and was glad to be there.

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