Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day 10: Connecticut coast

I started the day at the annual Sousa show at the USCGA. Brian's band performed well. Although I gather this is not their favorite collection of music, the audience ate it up.

After a short side trip, we headed to the beach at Westbrook and the fantastic New Deal Steakplace. It doesn't really matter what they served, with that name and pictures of FDR all around, I was gonna love it.

Later, we enjoyed cold Genesse Ice on the beach, July 2nd fireworks (because Connecticut knows when that paper was signed) and a trip to the summer only Dairy Queen. After returning to Oakdale, Brian and I had a pitcher at Mugsy's, a fine local establishment, where we learned about the upcoming pig roast and demolition derby - Sadly, I will be rafting that day...

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