Thursday, June 07, 2007

Flickr photo stream

Our first photos have made it to the Flickr photo
stream. Depending on your computer, there may be a
link right about here -------->
that reads "Flickr Photo Stream"

If there are no links on the right side of the page,
scroll to the bottom of this page and find them on the
right side.


Anonymous said...

Murray, good to hear, or rather read, your update. Can't say that I am not a little jealous being that I am currently in ESOL training while you are lost in paradise with your lady friend, nice. Have fun man, and I am excited to hear about it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on how to view your pictures. And after viewing your pictures I discovered that I have appeared in this blog before (though just in words, not in pictures). Is there anything else I should know about?


PS- Are you going to go to cooking school while you are in Chang Mai, or is that no longer cool? We loved it!

PSS- You do know to be the first ones at the market at night, right? It is bad luck if the merchants don't make their first interested sale of the night. We had a woman chase us onto the street so she could practically give away a silk shirt. Once she made the sale she walked around the shop and tapped every item with our money. Pretty fun.