Wednesday, June 13, 2007

People Everywhere

One of the themes i've used in world history classes
for years is that people are the same, everywhere and
anytime. Every once in awhile, I am reminded of the
truth of this idea.

Completely unsurprising has been the prevalence of
mobile phone usage. I know that mobiles have long
since passed land lines for price and flexibility in
developing countries. In spite of my expectations, it
does startle me a bit to see a traditionally dressed
Hmong on the side of a rural highway chatting away on
a Nokia or the monks at the Wat we visited today with
a more up-to-date phone than me...

Riding through less affluent areas, I've noticed a
phenomena identical to one i'd noticed in rural SE
Georgia 13 years ago: satellite tv dishes outside of
homes that barely seem like they keep out the rain.

I guess everyone wants to be connected to the rest of
the world.

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