Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Longest Day

Flying across the International Date Line allows you
to have a 36 hour Thursday. To make our particular
trip surreally longer, our departure from
Bangkok was at 1:30 AM so we had a full day of
Thailand fun, then a full day of intercontinental

We were blessed again with a good seating arrangement
on the BIG flight - one of the rows of 2 in the rear
curve of the plane - same size seat, but no neighbor,
nobody behind us (guilt free recline) and a tad more

All good fortune must come to an end. For us, that end
is JFK Airport. After 24 days of the Asian Buddist
"have a cool heart" style, we are jolted back to
reality by New Yorkers and the angst-ridden goings on
at our departure gate. Oh, don't forget the wallet shock at
lunch (airport Chili's) - no booze and still cost more
than our priciest hotels in Asia. Tack on the 3:30 flight that
hadn't left yet at 5:30..... all together 34 hours
from doorstep to doorstep

We're back.

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