Friday, June 15, 2007

Laotians, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Cheesy title, yes, but just read on.

We finally made it to the Kuang Si waterfall today.
When we got there, we found the Bear Rescue project,
working to save Southeast Asia's black bears. There
were about 9 or 10 bears, mostly very young (1-4
years). One or all of them were making odd chirping
noises and were just generally being bearish.

Next door to the bear enclosure was Phet, a lone
Indonesian tiger. She was very small compared to the
larger ones at Busch Gardens (Bengal or Siberian) but
she very conveniently placed herself right at the
front of her enclosure so we could take a picture of

After that, we visited the waterfall, hiked to the top
and swam for a while in what has to be the coolest
water in Southeast Asia.

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