Sunday, June 17, 2007

Laos to Cambodia

We had to tear ourselves away from Luang Prabang
eventually, so we booked a multi part ticket with
Bangkok Airways (working hard to be "Asia's boutique
airline"). To call the LPB airport small is an
understatement of sorts. We left from International
Gate 1, though they didn't really need to number it -
there was only the one gate! There was no monitor
with listing of arrivals and departures and what was
on-time; you knew that your plane wasn't leaving soon
- it hadn't arrived yet. We saw the airport 2
different times from high views around the city and
never saw a plane or a hanger. Planes fly in or out
on non-stops then go right back.

I used the very clean restroom at the airport where I
saw the first urinal in Laos. With so few, I guess
the price on urinal cakes is high - the airport
authority opted for mothballs, which makes for quite
an interesting scent.

We took off on time, and the flight was pretty smooth.
After a very short transfer in Bangkok, we took a
short flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Siem Reap is the provincial town closest to Angkor Wat
and so has become quite the tourist town. Driving in
from the airport was akin to riding down the strip in
Vegas - giant lux hotels on both sides. It was
completely unlike the strip in Vegas in that the Khmer
don't seem quite as into neon.....

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