Tuesday, June 26, 2007

size Matters

So for years, I've dismissed the notion that Asians
are smaller than Westerners as myth rolled up with
cultural stereotypes. I read something once about
Japanese being shorter on average than Americans, but
thought maybe it was just Japan. I mean, there are
like 4 Chinese guys in the NBA and none of them are
point guards...

I'm ready to reassess. The reason I'm hitting my head
every other day may have something to do with the low
ceilings and door frames.

Shopping for tee shirts in Lao, I had to go with
Double X-L - and pay extra for what I presume to be
the Lao body language sign for "needs more material".
They said "big" several times.

The kicker came the other day at the mall. Lisa
dragged me onto a scale. (NOTE: we are both down
several pounds). A curious teenager peaked over the
top of the scale as I got on. When he saw the meter
hover around 90 kg, he swayed backwards, his jaw
dropped and he let out a shocked "oh" that could have
been a "whoa", though I'm sure his command of American
slang was not very strong at that exact moment.

To paraphrase Ron Burgundy "I'm kind of a big deal
around here" ;)

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